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Solutions - Customer Benchmarking


Provide comprehensive, automated benchmarking services to your business customers, based on your solutions data and our artificial intelligence.


The OnlyBoth Benchmarking Engine (1) further differentiates your solutions by enabling a truly unique information service; (2) increases your revenue by selling that service and uncovering new ways to help your customers; and (3) improves customer retention by deepening your relationships. Benchmark your 200 or 10,000 customers with the same work as for 1 customer.


Use our Revenue Impact Calculator to estimate the benefits to your organization. Contact us to get those benefits!

The Problem


Your customers use your solutions for important business processes, but you as their vendor cannot fully influence their performance, even if you have the expertise. It's natural for customers to ask themselves "How are we doing?" or "Where could we improve?" Sometimes customers don't ask themselves this question, but their vendors think they should, and encourage it.


Vendors try to provide answers by assembling benchmarking consulting teams or by performing some automated comparisons to customer peers. In the best of cases, the process is inefficient and the results are very limited in scope. And, how to staff this benchmarking team?


The end result is that customers are left in the dark about how they stand.

Our Solution


We automatically discover, write up, and visualize benchmarking insights, starting from the vendor's customer usage, profile, and relationship data. Not fine-grained transactional data, but data attributes that enable insightful answers to the question "How are we doing?"


The OnlyBoth Benchmarking Engine doesn't crawl your data repositories. All we need is a spreadsheet of data, whose structure is agreed on in advance.


Your customers will need to keep their data confidential. We anticipated and programmed various anonymity options to fit a vendor's business model and customer agreements.  Read more about data anonymization.

Delivery Model


The OnlyBoth Benchmarking Engine delivers both written and visualized insights. Depending on your (the vendor's) needs, your end customers can access the insights they are authorized to see in several ways:


  1. They securely log in to a web page with your branding and get multiple insights back, one at a time. The UI resembles the public applications of the Benchmarking Engine to hospitals and colleges data on our website.

  2. They visit and access the insights directly on your customer portal, after your web application is configured to use OnlyBoth's secure API.

  3. They receive an automatically-generated PDF benchmarking report that contains everything they would see interactively at our website.

  4. On-premise installation behind your firewall is also available.

What's Involved?


If a vendor organization qualifies according to the previous criteria, then these steps lead quickly to a secure web-based deployment to immediately benefit your customers.


  1. You discuss with us how best to prepare a spreadsheet of data, whose rows are customers, or customers locations, etc. and whose columns are customer attributes.

  2. We configure the OnlyBoth software with parameter choices (e.g., for your chosen data anonymization approach) and meta-data.

  3. We run the software, process its outputs, and deliver the insights.

  4. You update the data according to your business model, e.g., quarterly, and then we re-do step #3, all automated.

Who Qualifies?


We actively seek to work with vendors who meet the following criteria, but those envisioning different applications are welcome to contact us.


  1. Have at least 100 customers. With fewer than 100, there might not be enough data to make automated benchmarking worthwhile.

  2. Can match up customers across disparate enterprise repositories.

  3. Serve their customers directly rather than through an intermediary, so they collect customer usage or performance data themselves.

  4. Their solution agreements allow for analytics across customer data.

  5. Their end customers would keenly value getting answers to the core benchmarking questions of: How are we doing?, Where could we improve?, What has changed?, and What's best in class?

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