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In others’ words


"It can be tough for some people to interpret a lot of data, and that’s the uniqueness of the information is put into words and expressions that make sense to people. In seconds, users can find out how they’re doing to make decisions about where to focus their resources, be it rehospitalization rate improvements or staff training. And they can also see how the facility down the street is doing on these measures. leverages CMS Nursing Home Compare public data for proactive—not reactive—use to drive quality through performance transparency and forward-thinking strategizing. The more you understand the data the better off you’re going to be for the future. You’ll have better staff developed with skills and competencies that are built off the benchmarking areas where you needed improvement. You’ll have healthier, happier patients and referral sources because of the improved outcomes you’ve driven based on real data.

I’ve shared with facilities and administrators as a free resource that’s openly and readily available with regularly updated data. You don’t have to go through the cumbersome and robust process of pulling and interpreting all that data on your own, and you don’t need to hire a consultant or other paid resource to look at these comparisons for you. It’s all right there at your fingertips.”


— Chris Fisher, Director of Quality Initiatives, Pennsylvania Health Care Association

"I work with groups on improvement initiatives so I am always trying to display data in meaningful ways; your benchmarking engine does this for me.  More importantly it gives the 3 areas I always try to discuss: what did you do well, where can you improve and who does it best.  Everyone loves to receive that kind of comparative information.  I've used Hospital Compare in the past, not nearly as informative with display nor as impactful."


— Christopher Pepin, Chief Experience Officer and National Director of Clinical Services, NES Health

"IBM's Watson starts with human writings, absorbs their insights, and creates data structures to support business queries.  OnlyBoth does the reverse: It starts with business data, discovers insights, and writes them up for people to act on.   OnlyBoth looks to transform a long-standing business process with its unique AI technologies and approach, building upon academic research at the highest level."


— Oren Etzioni, CEO, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence

“As unique in its construction as it is in its ability to associate and assemble facts.”


— Greg Freiherr,

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